Ch ch ch changes. Locations now in the Bouldin and Hyde Park neighborhoods.

SHED Locations


2210 South 1st St
11am-8pm Mon, 9am-8pm Tue-Fri, 9am-6pm Sat, 10am-6pm Sun

SHED Barber and Supply, at the heart of Bouldin, Austin, TX, offers precision cuts and shaves for all. Embracing inclusivity, our Bouldin shop is a haven for everyone from Zilker to South Lamar and Travis Heights. Whether you're after a fade, a textured cut, or a beard trim, SHED's expert barbers and stylists are at the forefront of style and technique in South Austin.

SHED Bouldin Crew

Bouldin Crew

Robin Staz

Barber - Level 1

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Julian Nichols

Stylist - Level 1

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Cassidy Theall

Barber - Level 2

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Layla Rose

Local Cutie

Eric Rose

Front Desk <3

Courtney Simmons

Stylist - Level 2

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Valeria Amaya

Stylist - Level 1

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Adrian Dominguez

Stylist - Level 2

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Jimmy Williams

Barber - Level 3

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Andy Hatch

Barber - Level 1

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Shea Ryan

Barber - Level 2

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Carra Wieland

Stylist - Level 3

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Nathan Seibert

Front Desk

Santiago Ibanez

Head Barber - Level 3

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"I finally found the Mecca of hair."

Stephen S.

SHED Barber and Supply Bouldin


4631 Airport Blvd
By appointment only 10am-7pm Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Sat-Sun

Nestled in Hyde Park, SHED Barber and Supply expertly caters to a diverse range of hair types across Central Austin. From the classic fade to bespoke cuts, our barbers and stylists unite Hancock, Mueller, North Loop, and beyond with consistent quality and unparalleled style. Sip on Austin Beerworks, throw on your favorite tunes and relax right in the heart of North Austin's trendsetting scene.

SHED Hyde Park Crew

Hyde Park Crew

Miranda Adame

Barber - Level 3

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Michael Regino

Co-Founder | Barber

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Rob Miller

Barber - Level 3

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High praise to SHED barbershop! Very welcoming, great vibes, and stellar music.

Greg H.

SHED Barber and Supply Hyde Park