East Austin Paradise: The Fox Den


One takeaway from living in Austin is how lush and vibrant it is in contrast to the wide open plains commonly associated with Texas. It’s not uncommon now to see that greenery making its way indoors as permanent fixtures to our living spaces. 

In order to stock up on some green (we were dismayed to find out it was the legal kind), we paid a visit to what’s become an East Austin staple: The Fox Den. Located on 11th and Chicon, owner Candice has naturally nestled into her more spacious digs. She has created a warm and inviting spot and doesn’t hesitate to educate and lend her own personal experiences with the plants. There is a great mix of both tropical and desert selections, reflective of the tone East Austin has. Strewn among the greenery are carefully selected art and home goods.

If you pay a visit to our Holly location, you’ll notice our massive (and dare we say: gorgeous) fiddle leaf fig, and a towering bird of paradise tree – thank you to our friends at The Fox Den for educating us on them and helping make sure they’ll be photosynthesizing in the shop for years to come.

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