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Good googamooga this a nice haircut! – John S.

Now, normally we let our work speak for itself, but occasionally we let clients speak too.

It’s about time we told you that we don’t just love seeing you at the shop, we also love hearing from you. You may think just because our Bouldin location has 4.8 stars on Google and Hyde Park as an absolutely perfect 5 stars, that we don’t need any more compliments going to our head. No offense, but you’d be wrong. SHED is a super humble barbershop that doesn’t just throw reviews in your face like “Y’all were so nice. Love the vibe of the place. Love the doggies too. – Sam M.”

Thanks, Sam. The dogs said they loved you too btw.

We also don’t need you to tell you how talented our barbers are but John Su. wants you to know that “I come regularly for beard trims. And they have extraordinary wonderful service.

Appreciate that, Johnny. Can we call you Johnny?

It’s your right as an American 🦅 to spread the good word and who are we to stop good Samaritans?

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Rave Reviews

One of the best and most fun haircuts I got in a long time. Definitely coming back to Miranda next time I’m getting a haircut. 

Gil K


Adrian was awesome as always!! Also, the shop is a vibe! 

Dustin G


Krissy kills it every time. So glad I found Shed! 

Todd F


Carra did a phenomenal job. I love this place and the people.

Garrett H


The best and friendliest barber shop I’ve ever been at! I get my haircut with Arthur and he’ll give me the cleanest, crispiest fades and chatting with him is always a good time. Definitely recommend!

Dustin F


I always appreciate Courtney’s work and disposition.

Curt S


Andy did an excellent job! 

Grant B


Men with lengthened beards are very particular about who styles their facial hair. Julian is an expert in beard care and someone I trust with my beard. 

Kenneth E


Thanks For The Love

We hope you enjoyed this little peek into what makes SHED such a special place. Your reviews don’t just help us grow; they remind us why we love doing what we do. Keep sharing your thoughts and spreading the love. And if you haven’t already, drop us a line online or in person. We can’t wait to hear from you and, more importantly, see you back in the shop. Cheers to great haircuts, good times, and the best clients a barbershop could ask for!

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