The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


The Good

Time for a little chat about what’s going down at the shop.

Good news first, let’s give a Texas-sized welcome to our newest Bouldin barber, Robin! Most recently, from Virginia, Robin has been a great addition to the family. You know we don’t just let anyone in here, so don’t be afraid to say hey and get to know ‘em. We’re looking forward to Robin meeting all of our favorite regulars too. (you know who you are 😘)

The Bad

Now, onto the sappy stuff. We’re saying a bittersweet goodbye to one of our own. Yep, Shea’s packing up his clippers and heading west to Cali with the fam. We’ll miss his killer cuts and the way he effortlessly towered over everyone in the shop. But hey, our loss is California’s gain. Shea’s last day with us? May 29th. Don’t miss your chance to snag one last trim and wish him well on his next chapter.

The Ugly

Alright, let’s talk logistics. At our Bouldin spot, we’ve got a friendly (and super cute) front desk crew ready to handle all your booking needs.Including but not limited to: Barber recommendations, service suggestions, scheduling assistance, wait lists and product knowledge. 

But over at Hyde Park? It’s every barber for themselves, baby. So, while our Bouldin front desk can’t make or adjust appointments for Hyde Park, they can see when your next appointment is and pass along your barber’s contact info. You can lock in with your fave barber directly or keep it simple and book online. We’ve got options.

Now you’re up-to-date on the SHED latest. That wasn’t so bad was it?

Thanks for looking – we’ll see you soon!

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