Barber Conservation Initiative


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the

wild & wonderful world of SHED!

Through research and responsible development, we’re determined to preserve an endangered species: good barbers. Join us on our journey to ethically repopulate Austin with honest hair care. Our Barber Conservation Initiative isn’t only about our crew. As always, clients are at the heart of everything we do. We’re proud of the countless clients we’ve rehabilitated who survived years of going to Cost Cutters. Today, we’re thrilled to present two of our finest attractions, Carra & Arthur.

Carra Wieland

Condition: Stable

Group Size: 3-5

Relation to Humans: Confident

Can Guests Enter The Habitat: Yes Please

Step right up and witness the magic of Carra’s expertise. From fades to flowy waves, we trust her and you can too. Carra is a rare delight and we fully intend to preserve her at all costs. Visitors, you’ll be pleased to know that Carra is not only a hair extraordinaire but also a delightful conversationalist. You’ll be laughing and chatting away as she works her magic. We’re celebrating Carra not just for her talent but for her ability to be a kind and conscientious member of the community. Come and see for yourself.


” On time, professional and overall 100%. ” – Spencer P

Arthur Reyes

Height: 11.5ft Tall

Life Expectancy: 109 Years

Weight: 69 lbs

Age of Maturity: Unknown

Gather ’round for a heartwarming tale of a talented barber named Arthur! He’s been an absolute star player in our reintroduction efforts. Originally from our Holly location (RIP) he was introduced into our Bouldin crew at the beginning of the year. Now, he migrates once again – North.

It was a sunny day when Arthur received the call of the wild – an invitation to embark on a new adventure at our Hyde Park location. Although it will be a bittersweet farewell at Bouldin, we release him to the wilds of Airport Blvd with honor.

With scissors in hand and a smile on his face, Arthur bids farewell to Bouldin this August 😢. You can still visit Arthur at Hyde park by booking online, sliding in his DMs, or hitting his line: (512) 320-7868


Interesting conversations, great attention to detail. Overall a really good experience! – Orlando W

Today’s message was not sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. So, if you could please continue to support our small business, us and all of the barbers that depend on us, would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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