Finding the Silver Lining in SXSW



Ah, SXSW – the annual event that brings a tons of energy, entertainment and it’s fair share of headaches to our beloved city. As “locals”, we’re no strangers to the influx of tourists and traffic that SXSW and ACL brings each year.

Sure, navigating downtown can feel like an Olympic sport, but let’s take a moment to shift our perspective. There are positive contributions it brings to our city and our community.

Local businesses get a huge boost of traffic and love every March. The payoff for service workers alone is not only notable but much deserved. There’s no way Austin could support events like this without them.

Another gain worth capitalizing on is sheer exposure. Trump and Biden aren’t the only ones who need to be out there shaking hands and kissing babies. Any local artist, musician or influencer in Austin can easily find new opportunities this month. Know your goals and know where to look – they’re here right now thanks to SXSW.

Yea, not all of us are service workers, creatives or influencers. But we all have a couple friends who are. I don’t know about you, but we love seeing our homies succeed. Creating community involves lifting each other up. Not just in hard times, but in good times too. Table the SXSW trash talk and take advantage of our beautiful spring and all the amazing events going on this month.

It’s also crucial to recognize that complaining just to uphold some notion of “local authenticity” is, well, a bit corny.

Local & Laid Back

There’s no shortage of exciting, high-energy events and shows around the city during SXSW. (And we’ll get to those) Right now, we’re featuring a few handpicked events that dodge the overwhelming crowds and steep ticket prices. Check out these low key alternatives that aim to fill your cup this week.


Saturday March 9, 2024

Located in South Austin, Good Dad Studios is the newest spot for local artists to showcase their work. Swing by this Saturday to meet the artists, browse their latest creations, and maybe even take home a new piece for your collection.


Sunday March 10, 2024

Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown and immerse yourself in the beauty of spring at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. With free admission during the Art In Bloom event, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some art and nature.


Wednesday March 13, 2024

Our absolute treasure of a neighbor, Golden Mean, is hosting a set of 6 local musicians and tattoos by Micheline Halloul. Doors at 5pm, FREE with RSVP. Book your next cut for Wednesday afternoon before you slide over to Golden Mean.


Saturday March 16, 2024

Grab a friend, a date or your family next Saturday for Flores Market’s Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour. This is a Jewish-Latin market with over 40 vendors including art, food and tattoos. Held at Cork & Screw, this market is family-friendly, pet-friendly and free!


Our night owls and live music junkies are thriving right now. In the next two weeks, there’s gonna be more shows, stand-up and “unofficial parties” than we could possibly count. Luckily, we don’t have to. Our homies over at The Austin Chronicle are keeping all the latest SXSW event info absolutely stacked. Check them out to scope the more high-energy happenings.

Remember, while SXSW may come with its fair share of challenges, let’s not lose sight of the opportunities it brings to our city. Let’s embrace the silver lining and make the most of this exciting time in Austin. After all, it’s what makes our city truly unique.

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