Hustle Culture is Dead


The Grind

Worn-out faces staring blankly at screens, their energy drained and their spirits crushed. Sound familiar? Yea, that’s burnout, brother. Bummer.

It’s the all-too-common scene in offices across Austin and beyond. “Hustle culture” has run rampant, leaving a trail of burned-out workers in its wake. But in reality, burnout can develop from a combination of work and life stress. According to “The Effect of Hustle Culture on Psychological Distress,” hustle culture is characterized by the relentless pursuit of productivity.

Work hard, play hard. 


In fact, this study states that when individuals push themselves for exceedingly long hours it leads to psychological distress such as depression and anxiety. It’s almost like that’s the complete opposite results hustle culture’s been hyping. 

In a city like Austin, the drive is palpable and the pursuit of success is a common thread. Social media and influencers can really amplify misinformation. Turning our existing, productive work flow into something dangerously exaggerated and depleting. Platforms showcase curated highlight reels of seemingly perfect lives and achievements. It’s easy for the average person to compare themselves unfavorably and feel like they’re falling short. At times, we may not realize that the people, stories and successes that we are comparing ourselves to are strategically edited and embellished. This constant comparison game can take a toll on mental well-being. In 2024, it’s on us to prioritize disconnecting from social media, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care in the midst of our successes.

Sustainable Life Balance

In the modern world, there’s a fine line between hustle culture and healthy productivity. Of course, most of these huge tech companies and CEOs aren’t going to clear this up for you. So, we will. Defining what healthy productivity is for you will require some introspection. For some, it might mean setting realistic expectations and boundaries, learning to say no when necessary, and prioritizing tasks based on importance and impact. For others, it could involve incorporating regular breaks, practicing mindfulness techniques, and nurturing hobbies and relationships outside of work. Ultimately, healthy productivity is about finding what works best for you and aligning your actions with your values and long-term aspirations. It’s about striving for progress, not perfection, and honoring your mental and physical health along the way.


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Main Character Era

Being a local barbershop, we’re thankful for friends and neighbors who not only support us but enrich our shop daily. Enriching your life doesn’t have to look like new cars or your next vacation. It’s having a conversation with your barber, a coffee with a friend or calling your mom. The next time you’re at our Bouldin location, stop in and meet our neighbor, Grace, at Golden Mean. Find unique gifts and cards for unique friends. If you’re a Hyde Park homie, try taking some time after your cut to have a coffee at Figure 8 or a date night at Lazarus Brewing. Hustle culture is dead because it’s unsustainable. This is just a little reality check. You only get this one life.

If you’re not living, what’s the point?




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