Concerned with not only conveying their intent to party, Duvin Design Co. is wholly obsessed with utilizing the highest quality materials in their colorful, statement-making pieces. What began as – at the time – a fresh new take on surf-style apparel, Duvin’s pops of colorful pastels and attention grabbing sayings has evolved into an all-encompassing lifestyle that’s entirely their own.

Their most recent Spring/Summer collection has tastefully conveyed the laid back
day-drinking vibes of a toasty summer day with soft, playfully unique tees that are
sure to stick-out, regardless of one’s locale. In their own words, Duvin is in search of
the perfect combination of “wow this is really comfortable” and “F**k that’s so sick!”.

In addition to their more casual offerings, Duvin has continued to expand their quest
to outfit the perpetual party-seeker in radical defiance of all dress-codes by releasing
button-ups in styles that can only be attributed to them. With the splashes of color
and eye-grabbing prints that they’ve come to be known for, the collared shirt has
been elevated from the boring, drab ‘essential’ of yesteryear, only to be transformed
into an inspiring expression of all the things that Duvin stands for: fun, “coolio vibes”,
and radness.

Outside of channeling the energies of the best party you’ve never been to, Duvin
Design Co. has emphasized their plans to evangelize their lifestyle to the masses;
working with the likes of musicians, athletes, and people who simply care about how
they look. Most recently, NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. has participated in a campaign
for their “Matty” Sweat Shorts.

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