The Future of Austin is AI-Powered


The Age of Artificial Intelligence

AI is taking over…well, just about everything. But can AI really replace the important things in life like true love, childhood memories or your favorite barber? We really hope not. From customer service to self-driving cars, we are interacting with artificial intelligence more than ever before. The implementation of AI has been rapid and invasive. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how Austin has already begun weaving this new technology into schools, agriculture and your friendly neighborhood barbershop.


Innovations in Austin’s Education Programs

AI is making its mark in Austin, both in the classroom and within higher education. Alpha private school is pioneering a new approach to education by integrating artificial intelligence into its curriculum. Instead of traditional teachers, the school relies on “guides” who assist students. These AI apps provide educational content at the student’s pace and level, tailoring a personalized learning experience. This innovative approach allows students to receive customized lessons and instant feedback, keeping them engaged and challenged while aiming to master new material.

Moreover, The University of Texas at Austin is contributing to the AI wave with its Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program. This advanced degree equips students with a deep understanding of AI’s core concepts and solution-oriented tools and techniques. As AI continues to revolutionize various industries, professionals with expertise in this field are in high demand. Additionally, at a time when employment opportunities in AI are expected to grow significantly, this UT Master’s program is a gainful avenue for Austinites of all ages. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a Master’s Degree in this area are expected to see a 23% increase in workforce demand over the next 10 years. That’s a lot!


Pano AI vs Texas Wildfires

Austin Energy is taking a creative and costly new approach to improve wildfire detection and response around Travis County. This brand new system combines rugged hardware, high-definition 360-degree cameras and, of course, artificial intelligence. These AI-driven cameras will continuously scan for signs of wildfire smoke, providing real-time alerts to first responders. Upon detecting a wildfire, the system accurately pinpoints its location and immediately notifies 911 to dispatch the nearest fire department. If you’ve lived in Texas for a while, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Austin ranks as one of the top 10 metropolitan cities at risk for wildfires. This technology prioritizes saving critical time during the initial stages of a wildfire as well as minimizing potential damage to lives, property, and the environment. Austin Energy is  investing nearly $3.25 Million into AI software to help protect over 91,000 homes and $40 Billion in potential reconstruction costs.



As So, how is SHED taking advantage of all the new advancements in Artificial Intelligence? We’re glad you asked. We’ve been working really hard with some of the latest in AI software so that we could give our loyal clients a first look into our latest creative project. Thanks to the hard work of AI generators and Adobe Photoshop, we can finally show you what your favorite human barbers would look like if they were characters in Mario Kart 9!

Andres is always taking the lead.

#1 in our hearts, #1 on the track!

She’s animated.

She’s dynamic.

Krissy is a peach and a princess.

Purple doesn’t look good on everyone.

But Rob is making it work.



The People’s Choice.


Change Is Good

AI will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, it’s natural to have mixed feelings about its growing influence. The adoption of AI technology, as demonstrated by Austin Energy’s forward-thinking initiative, may initially seem intimidating. But, it’s undeniably a powerful tool that holds immense potential for improving lives, protecting communities, and addressing critical issues. As AI becomes an increasingly unavoidable part of our lives, the key lies in harnessing its capabilities responsibly and ethically, transforming it from something daunting into an indispensable force for good. Right now, Austin is offering a glimpse into a future where technology creates solutions. You just got to know where to look.

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