Unveiling Our First Ever SHED Wrapped


It’s that magical time of year again. When the cold weather starts to roll in,   shopping skyrockets and you finally drop that coveted Spotify Wrapped you’ve been curating all year.

Not only are we exposing our Spotify Wrapped for the first time, we’re also unveiling the first ever SHED Wrapped – Check it out!

The reigning champion, a classic haircut never goes out of style.

Kept those beards sharp enough to cut through the noise.

The Texas heat didn’t play this year and neither did our fade game. Sheeeesh.


Oh, You Actually Wanted Our Spotify Wrapped?


We’ve been letting the crew and the clients pick the tunes for the better part of a decade. Times have changed, tastes have evolved (questionably), our old heads are at our new shop in Hyde Park and we’ve got new money at our OG Bouldin location. Let’s see how well you know your barber…

Bouldin‘s 2023 Spotify Wrapped

Hyde Park‘s 2023 Spotify Wrapped

Put a Bow On It

Now, who saw that coming?

Not us.

Honestly, we love that our shops are the quintessential “same same but different”. Your barbers can wear whatever makes them comfortable, they can cough up their hot takes and listen to any genre that gets them through another year. 

TLDR: Tell us you listen to Death Cab and we’ll hire you.

Thanks for jammin’ with us this year.

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