When in Rome: How the fallen empire lives on


How Often Do You Think About The Roman Empire?

It’s come to our attention that the Roman Empire has been weighing heavy on a lot of us lately. For some, it may come as a surprise how often others say they think about the fallen empire. Don’t worry, Forbes is ready to fill  you in on the latest social phenomenon. We’re all about modern grooming at SHED, but we’re down to cure some of your Roman curiosity. Picture this: you’re in ancient Rome, togas are all the rage, and your hair is starting to look a bit too wild for your chariot races. What’s a Roman to do? Well, grab your laurel wreath and let’s dive into the world of Roman grooming.


Barbers – Roman Style

Now, you might be wondering, “Did they even have barbers in ancient Rome?” They absolutely did. But these weren’t your average barbershops. They were more like hangout spots where folks gossiped, discussed politics, and occasionally got a trim. Okay, maybe they weren’t that different.

So, what was the Roman equivalent of a fade or a crew cut? Well, they didn’t have clippers, but that “Caesar cut” had a choke hold on those gladiators. Yep, Julius Caesar himself made this short, fringe-forward haircut famous. It’s like the OG of undercuts! The Caesar cut is still very much alive and to be honest, it still slaps too. Instead of an undercut, now it’s a high fade with fringe. But let’s be real, trying to get that perfect Caesar cut without modern tools? Not exactly a walk in the Colosseum.

Facial hair was also a big deal in ancient Rome. Beards were all the rage, depending on the Emperor. And not just any beards—elaborately styled ones. They’d use razors made of stone or metal to sculpt their beards into works of art. We’re talking curls, twists, and even adding gold dust for that extra bling.

Publius Helvius Pertinax
Julius Caesar
Septimius Severus


A Cut Above The Rest

So, the next time you’re getting a cut at the shop, remember the Roman Empire. RIP. We might not use olive oil and gold dust but we’re swinging razors as good as any ancient Roman. Maybe even ask your barber to hook you up with that sick Caesar cut – don’t be shy!

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