Your Neighborhood Barber.

One of our commitments at SHED Barber and Supply is to reflect the neighborhood that we settle into. We strive to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere with which members of the community can identify. Our first location resides in South Austin’s Bouldin district, one of the oldest communities in Austin and home to late humorist and radio personality John Henry Faulk.
We worked with local hand sign painter James Bickerstaff to bring our quietly confident brand updates to life. James’ attention to detail and craft reflects the same values maintained by our shop’s crew. James, who has been professionally hand sign painting for three years now, has “always been into letter structure and painting” and admits to “stumbling upon it by accident” but “got hooked immediately”

Walking into the shop you’ll notice our address proudly marked above the doorway. Our dynamic pricing board makes our services hard to miss. Finally our location stamp endcaps our barber stations, planted to remind those who visit where they are; SHED Barber and Supply: Bouldin.



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