The Science Behind Goal Setting and Mental Health


Was It A Good Year?

In 2023, we started the year off by making big changes so we could grow and hit our goals. In February, we said goodbye to our iconic Holly location. For the first time ever, our Bouldin and Hyde Park locations are open 7 days a week and thriving. We welcomed 3 new barbers into the shops and added new services. Of course, we could not have made it through another wild year with you.


Resolutions & Goals

Setting goals isn’t just for the hustle aesthetic; it’s a psychological powerhouse that shapes our mindset and impacts our well-being. Lock and Latham have conducted over 1000 studies which consistently show that setting high and specific goals results in increased persistence and motivation. 

Sure, you might think New Year’s Resolutions are kind of pointless, but let’s face it – we all have goals. So, why not harness the energy from our year-end reflections to blueprint our 2024 goals?

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Gail Matthews, psychologist and career coach, gathered empirical evidence that people who planned their goals, made a public commitment and allowed others to hold them accountable achieved significantly more than those who didn’t.

In the book Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt addresses the most common reasons people fail to meet their goals. One reason being that most people don’t know how to properly choose a challenging, yet attainable goal. Second, once a balanced goal is identified, it must be defined in a quantitative way.

Instead of a goal to “save more money”, a proper goal  would be to “Save $5,000 to invest in international opportunities.”

Additionally, milestones are an integral part of achieving a goal and should be included in written plans, as well as celebrated. 

It goes without saying, 365 days is a long time. Brian Morgan and Michael Lennington advocate for a 12 week year. This is a strategy that replicates a “crunch time” to achieve your goal. Most people are familiar with procrastinating till the “11th hour”, alternatively Parkinson’s Law suggests that work will expand to fill the time available. Why take 365 days to do what you can accomplish in 90? While this isn’t the solution for everyone, it’s a great option for those who are ambitious enough to set a high-risk or multi-faceted goal.

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Accomplish your 2024 goals with the big Ass calendar from Jesse Itzler
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What Is Your Goal?

As we stand on the brink of 2024, understand that goals are not a trend or a singular resolution. Goals are the result of our daily habits. Our habits and focus are powerful forces that, intentionally or unintentionally, shape our lives. Remember to share your goals with friends, family or your barber. Embrace the challenge, relish the milestones, and celebrate the victories along the way. So, whether you’re outlining your goals for the year or adopting the 12-week approach, know that each step forward is a triumph. Here’s to a fulfilling, joyful, and mentally strong 2024.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

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