6 Crew Changes You Need To Know About


Do You Want The Bad News First?

Alright, fam. We’ve been kickin’ up a little dust this “fall”. Here’s a super quick break down of all the latest shop news. Fair warning – You are actually getting the bad news first.

Later, Noah!

Our man, Noah’s about to switch up the scene – he’s trading the Texas heat for the California sun. Last chance to catch him in the shop is on October 25th. Currently, he’s fully booked till his final cut but you can call the Bouldin shop to get on his cancellation list. He’s also handing out personal recommendations for your next barber. You can find him on Instagram to scoop that recommendation and to support him through this new adventure. We’re gonna miss you, Bud.

Arthur’s Diggin’ Hyde Park

In case you missed the memo, Arthur’s making Hyde Park his new spot full time. Catch him running things exclusively at our second home off of Airport. New spot, same killer cuts. Book online or slide in his DMs – respectfully.

Tyler’s Switchin’ Gears

By now, most of y’all know Tyler. I mean, who could forget a face like that? In case you haven’t seen him around some time in the last 4 years, here’s your chance. For the first time since our Hyde Park location has opened, Tyler is accepting new clients. Peep his work on IG – you won’t be disappointed  – or just go ahead and book online while you still can!

Jimmy’s Leveling Up

A little over 2 years ago, Jimmy started at SHED as an apprentice. Starting this Monday, the 23rd, Jimmy will officially be a Level 3 barber. Level 3 barbers are crew members who have been with us for around 3 years and also have solid support from their clients. So, we’re giving credit where credit is due. We’re celebrating Jimmy’s growth, his accomplishments and all of his clients that helped make this possible. Thanks, y’all.

Lastly, Peep The New Crew

Shea Ryan – Crew Changes
Andy Hatch – Crew Changes

Shea Ryan

“Amazing haircut and Shea is the man” – Grant S.

Andy Hatch

“Andy is absolutely great!! Came from Houston for the cut!! He’s one of the best ” – Rick K.

Over & Out

Now that the band aid’s been ripped off, let’s wrap this up. As the seasons change, so do we. Thanks for catching up with us. Let’s keep the good vibes going and the talent growing. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to see you at the shop.


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