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Austin Music Takeover

Alright, Austin. This one goes out to all of our music and concert lovers. The Live Music Capital of the World® might just be a trademark but the next 3 weekends are gonna live up to the title.

Firstly, it’s The Austin Record Convention, hitting the scene this weekend, September 30th and October 1st, 2023. Over a million records, CDs, and music collectibles displayed across 40,000 square feet. It’s vinyl paradise, and early shoppers even get a head start.

Austin Record Convention and Music


The Austin Record Convention is definitely on for this weekend but we’re handing out album recs RIGHT NOW!

and Music Recs

Andy said y’all were sleeping on punk and need to throw on “Supporting Caste” by Propagandhi.
The homie, Adrian, recommends “Comfort To Me” by Amyl and the Sniffers. Everyone’s favorite genre – Australian Pub Rock.
and Music Recs
and Music Recs
In case Dripping by Pile isn’t in the queue already, go ahead and play it for Sam. It is in fact, drippy.
Thank Valeria later. She’s a real one for putting you on to “Garden of Lucid” by Ambar Lucid. Ambar sings in both Spanish and English but one things for sure – The girl can sing!
and Music Recs
and Music Recs
We all know Michael. We all trust Michael. He said y’all need to be getting ready for ACL with headliner, Kendrick Lamar’s, iconic album, “Damn.”


Speaking of ACL

Finally, you already know what time of year it is. For the first two weekends of October Austin City Limits Music Festival is taking over for its 22nd year. The weekends of October 6-8 and October 13-15, expect heavy crowds, heavy music and also heavy traffic. It’s two weekends, nine stages, and over 100 performances. Basically, you either love it or hate it. Above all, stay safe, drink water and we’ll see you at the Shania Twain set, brother.

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ACL Music Festival

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