Brand Introduction: Publish

Fashion 10/03/2018

Publish’s motto, “Today for tomorrow” strikes a poignant note: you must act today to live your ideal tomorrow.

You may never have heard of Publish before, but there’s no doubt that you’ve been privy to their influence on fashion whether you’re aware of it or not. For 9 years and counting, Publish has been refining classic pieces and crafting their own new classics. They specialize in designing clothes that appeal to everyone – from those with the most discerning of tastes, to people that simply want to start caring more about the way they look.

Assuming you haven’t been staying at a silent meditation retreat at a Buddhist temple in Thailand for the past few years, you’ve probably seen the influx of jogger pants make their way to the furthest reaches of the fashion realm – you can thank Publish for that.

Which goes to show that Publish excels not only in designing for those of use who deeply care about the clothes that encapsulate our bodies – but for everyone – with the intent of pushing the needle of culture to a degree that at one time seemed unlikely at best. By crafting such widely agreeable, yet still innovative pieces, Publish has managed to infiltrate the zeitgeist in a way that most brands can only dream of: literally changing culture, an admirable aim that everyone who purchases their clothing is a part of.

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