How 2 Dress Like: Shanzyan


Here at SHED, we pride ourselves in being a cultural hub for the surrounding community in which every day we open our doors to the most interesting and stylish people in the city. We recently had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with Shanzyan, a local rapper who is quickly making a name for himself with his effortless flows over ethereal beats that contain a wild combination of modern trap with groovy 70s influence.

Here’s a look at what he wore:

Barney Cools “Colour Block Knit” Sweater

Knitwear has always been a classic fall style staple, and nowadays it’s more on-trend than ever. A looser knit such as this one from Barney Cools allows the wearer to attain an effortless, casual look, while simultaneously conveying a more luxurious aesthetic.

SHED “Crucial” Crew

A blank tee is referred to as an essential for a reason, it’s utterly timeless and an absolutely crucial aspect of any person’s wardrobe.

Here, Shanzyan ingeniously chose to wear a color with pop that accents the already vibrant colors of the knit, yet doesn’t clash; the key to adding color to an outfit is to choose colors that contrast and compliment, with the intention of allowing the eye to take-in the entirety of the outfit, not to key-in on a particular color that stands out in juxtaposition to the rest. A word to remember here is, “flow…”.

TCSS “Skids” Pant

The crux of Shanzyan’s casual aesthetic (or anyone’s, really) is belied in the pants. The looser fit of TCSS’ Skids pant ties everything together; the chunkier silhouette of the sneaker along with the baggier composition of the sweater. Think of your pant choice as the drums in your favorite song – it’s what brings everything together, and makes you appreciate everything in context.

Chunky Sneaker

… in this case, Shanzyan is wearing the Yeezy 500 in the “blush” color way – an exceedingly versatile sneaker when worn correctly; though for the purposes of this outfit, really any chunky, neutral colored sneaker would suffice, such as the Publish x Reebok Classic. The reason being, is that due to the slouched nature of the sweater when coupled with the baggier pants, there needs to be a shoe that continues those proportions throughout the line of the body.

Shanzyan is a musician living in Austin, Texas.

He can be reached on SpotifyInstagram and Twitter.

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