Oh, and please don’t forget to “shed your worries.”


… You may’ve noticed this phrase being tossed around on our social media for the last few months. In typical SHED fashion (I guess that’s a pun), we did a lot of cool things without necessarily explaining the context of it.

shed your worries.” is a clothing brand that was birthed right here at SHED. In regards to public awareness, the concept itself began as a series of parties at The Line hotel, and throughout that time, the long-term intention was always the same – to make and manufacture clothes that we not only love, but love to wear. It’s a fantastical world filled of imagination without limit and self-expression with complete disregard for normality.

This is collection one, featuring an array of graphic t-shirts, pants, cap, and a backpack. Modeled by our friends Mike Melinoe and Shanzyan. It’s available now both in-the-shop, and online at shop.shedbarber.com

Be sure to stay-up-to-date with future shed your worries. clothing releases by following them on Instagram: @shedyourworries

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