Brand Introduction: Barney Cools


We’d venture a guess that Barney Cools’ rapid climb to the top of the surf leisure realm wasn’t due to an elevator pitch, as their ambitious quest to conquer all aspects of inspired living would take a whole lot more than five stories to convey. Alongside their extensive range of apparel, Barney Cools has transcended the concept of a clothing brand by displaying their diverse range of interests to the masses via their blog; party recaps, food reviews, travel tips, photos of #babes, curated playlists that suit even the most fickle of ears – all this and more in a successful campaign of showing the e-world what they’re all about.

Founded in 2014 by the former creative director of Australian surf-style monolith Zanerobe, Nat Taubman, Barney Cools has quickly developed a reputation as being a go-to resource for classic yet subtly unique pieces that can be had for a more than reasonable price.

Barney Cools can best be described as clothing that’s worn by people with a personal ethos of care-free living with a slight dash of designer sensibilities; striped tees with relaxed cuts distinguish the wearer as a purveyor of cool, woven shirts that are just as comfy during a night out as they are at the beach, and trousers that practically beg passersby to ask “where did you get that?!”.

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