Our Condolences, To The Trends That Died in 2023


Welcome To The Future

Skinny jeans are dead. *Millennial panic ensues*

We know, we know. While denial is one of the 5 stages of grief – someone still had to say it. It’s best you hear it from us. Now, let’s really rip this band aid off. Chelsea boots…in 2024? If this is you, go ahead and archive that IG photo of you leaning back on a brick wall. Lastly, and trust us when we say this, if you are wearing Sauvage by Dior – They are talking about you in the group chat. And it’s not good, brother.

Your 3 Elite 2024 Winter Essentials:

A natural fiber button down.

Tailored dark denim jeans.

And deep olive green leather shoes.

The Classic Cut

A skin fade and a great skin fade are not the same thing. A great fade takes time, talent and more trips to the barbershop to maintain than a classic cut. The style’s rise in popularity is at an all time high – and y’all look great. But there are so many more signature styles beside a skin fade. And no, we’re not talking about a mullet.

20’s ‪‪❤︎‬ Throb

This is your sign to consider a low-maintenance mid-length classic cut. That early 90’s heart throb aesthetic is a banger – and we know bangers. A mid-length cut not only captures that timeless look but also offers versatility – sweep it back for a polished look or let it fall naturally for that easygoing, laid-back charm. Pay homage to the past while also being completely unique to your own hair texture and style.

The nostalgia of these signature looks won’t fill the void but an informal survey says it will make you, at least, 10% hotter. In the grand symphony of style, it’s not about chasing fleeting trends; it’s about cultivating a timeless aesthetic that resonates with your authentic self. This is what New Years is all about. So, get in here and we’ll get the party started.

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afterwards all in all neither … nor
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altogether although this may be true
another another key point
basically as a matter of fact
because as a result
before as an illustration
besides as can be seen
but as has been noted
certainly as I have noted
chiefly as I have said
comparatively as I have shown
concurrently as long as
consequently as much as
contrarily as shown above
conversely as soon as
correspondingly as well as
despite at any rate
doubtedly at first
during at last
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earlier at length
emphatically at the present time
equally at the same time

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