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In the digital age, we’re drowning in articles, videos, posts and podcasts. But, it’s crucial to recognize that not all content is created equal. Misinformation and underlying biases can significantly impact our understanding and decisions about grooming and so much more. Additionally, when we encounter inaccurate advice, whether it’s about skincare routines, hair loss solutions, or grooming practices, the consequences can be both frustrating and counterproductive. It can lead to wasted time, money, and even disappointment when promised results don’t materialize.

The perpetuation of traditional stereotypes and masculinity through grooming articles can also reinforce unrealistic ideals and put fictitious pressure on men to conform to an often unattainable standard. However, as we become more informed consumers of social media, we must adapt our critical thinking to avoid falling victim to misinformation. Unbiasedly questioning the content we consume positively challenges harmful ideologies, logical fallacies and blatant lies. By vetting your news, media and favorite brands, you can confidently support and speak on matters that align most with your own virtues.

GQ Men's Article
GQ Men’s Articles

Hollywood’s alphas know how to care for a bald head


First of all – CORNY. Second, not a single Hollywood “alpha”, actor or even barber contributed to this article.

“According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, guys who know how to care for a bald head are apparently seen as 13 per cent stronger, taller, and having greater leadership potential compared to those with a full head of hair.” – Adam Cheung, GQ

Can you guess how much of this direct quote is accurate? If you guess “none!” then you are correct. Did they cite or link the “research”? – certainly not. The study they’re referring to is Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance by Albert E Mannes. Albert is a lecturer that works for The Wharton School. A business school subsidiary of The University of Pennsylvania. However, the article was not published by UP rather in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science over 11 years ago. 

For clarity, the study showed head shot photos of men with ranging hairstyles to participants. Based off the head shots or simple visual descriptions, participants perceived bald men to be more powerful, influential and authoritative. Traits that are reputedly associated with leadership. While all good qualities, this study isn’t current, conducted more than 11 years ago, and never reflecting any interpersonal perceptions.

If that isn’t enough, the article also says, “One of the main benefits of a shaved head is the lack of day-to-day maintenance that’s required”. This may be true for some people. However, for many, maintaining a cleanly shaved look requires weekly, if not daily shaving. Significantly more maintenance than the average haircut every 2-6 weeks. Or about the same maintenance as people who use styling products occasionally or daily.

Bad article. Some would say terrible. The silver lining though. If Adam Cheung can get published by GQ, imagine what you could do.

Men's Health Article
Men’s Health Articles

The 10 Best Manscaping Tips for Shaving Your Body, According to Grooming Experts


Let’s be honest, most of us didn’t even get the Birds and the Bees talk. Let alone how to groom from the chest down. As a result, we make common grooming mistakes. Garrett Munch covers the obvious, razors and routine, and the less obvious, cross-contamination and first aid. This is a great article for teens and young adults, helping them to navigate some canon mistakes. It can even help round out your existing routine. Garrett put together thoughtful suggestions, reviewed products and broke the routines down step-by-step. The only negative thing about this article is how inconveniently long it is. All things considered, more experienced men may opt to skip the article entirely based off it’s length.

WIRED Men's Article
WIRED Men’s Articles

Our 8 Favorite Beard Trimmers


Right from the very start. They got it right. Immediately, Wired writer, Andrew Williams, cuts to the chase and reveals their best over all, most affordable and most versatile trimmers with prices listed and links ready. Our boy Andy knew that you did have time to play any games. Still, all of WIRED’s favorite trimmers have photos, great reviews and even UK options. While these are all good trimmer options, we admit we’re anxiously awaiting for BaByliss to stop playing and bring their featured Japanese Steel trimmer to the US market.

Great Article. No Notes.

Article Round Up

The abundance of information readily available to us through the internet is unprecedented and, at times, overwhelming. And despite itself, the internet and social media is easily deceiving and misguiding. Verifying information before you spread the news or spend your money not only protects you but protects your circle. You’re doing yourself and your friends a favor. To fact check more grooming content, you know where to find the experts. 😘

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